We Democrats know how to win elections in Cuyahoga County. But that’s no longer enough to make Ohio competitive. We must WIN BIGGER and WIN BETTER!

My plans are ambitious. I’m laying out a challenge to our Party. If elected, my initial priorities will be to:

You won’t just hear from us near Election Day. The Party will become a major, consistent force in the civic life of our community, advocating on important issues from social and economic justice to decency and dignity.

Particular focus must be on communities in the City of Cleveland where we have underperformed. We will also redouble our efforts with organized labor to keep our traditional base Democratic. We will continue to expand our reach in swing areas, too. As a former local elected official, I will engage our local leaders much more to improve Democratic turnout in their communities. There are so many more Democratic votes we can win.

We can’t sit by and let the far right control the narrative and make outrageous claims. We must utilize a coordinated Party strategy that highlights the dangers and impact of Republican extremism and the advantages of Democratic leadership. This will help us win former Republicans who are disgusted by Trump.

Winning bigger itself is not enough. We must also win better. We will nurture new talent and recruit, support, and elect the very best to the county administration building, courthouse, statehouse, and city halls. I have a personal goal to recruit and support African American candidates to judicial office. This means identifying future judges as early as law school. I’ll work with the law schools and Norman S. Minor Bar Association to help make this happen.

We will show voters that their vote matters by highlighting what their elected officials are doing every day to positively impact their community. Let’s tout our successes and get ahead of Republican attacks.

All Democrats are welcome in the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. This Party will be inclusive and transparent in its work, accountable to its members, and committed to making our county, state, and country a better and more equitable place for all. My leadership team will reflect the diversity of our Party.

Action teams will advise on priority issues, such as: policy, operations improvement, black candidates recruitment and support, finance, combating Republican extremism, voter registration and turnout, and more.

Read more about my priorities and why I’m running here.